OPUS VI Productions, Inc. prides itself in providing specialized niche solutions to your marketing, intake, operations and other business development needs.  OPUS has created a number of innovative products and services in a wide range of businesses, including legal, medical, and travel.   In the legal industry, OPUS has created a number of award-winning media campaigns for a number of law firms and implemented a revolutionary approach to lead generation as well as a highly successful training program that is rapidly becoming the standard for Intake Team development.  In the travel industry, OPUS created a groundbreaking approach to travel agent training as well as a number of solutions for increasing online presence.  In the medical industry, OPUS created an innovative approach to online approach to client acquisition that was embraced plastic surgeons, ophthalmologist and other fee for services medical practices all over the country.

On its own and through its subsidiary companies, OPUS Intake Solutions and OPUS Industries, OPUS VI Productions continues to be a revolutionary force for innovation.